Another clip from the Pixel Challenge lectures, this time Dreamworks Animator and iAnimate Instructor Ted Ty chats about looks at different footage to really find emotion and the underlying context to help get into what the people or character is feeling and thinking.

Ted Ty – Genuine acting from iAnimate on Vimeo.

Ted is an amazing instructor and I had the privilege of watching some of his lectures at iAnimate..some really inspiring stuff!


Bobby Beck goes through how thinking about the process of acting is really a part of being an animator. There are some good nuggets in this clip.

You can follow more over at the Animation Mentor Blog.

found via spungella

iAnimate Intructor and Sr. Animator over at Valve gave a lecture up at the Pixel Challenge a little while back about Using Reference and they just posted it.

Cameron Fielding – Using reference from iAnimate on Vimeo.

Check out Cameron’s Blog FLIP as well.


iAnimate Games instructor Richard Lico shares a bit about animators control over gameplay and player responsiveness in this excerpt from one of his lectures. Really great stuff from an industry vet. LAB – No. 09 from iAnimate on Vimeo.

Head on over to iAnimate’s Vimeo page for more snippets in the LAB.

Chris Zurbrigg, who also brought you Blue Pencil for Maya, has now created a great little tool that helps speed up the reference and playblast experience in Maya! Should be available soon.

Playblast/Reference Viewer for Maya from Chris Zurbrigg on Vimeo.

Head over to his site to check out more goodies!

I am downloading soon!

Have a look at some great stuff from Bungie‘s Lead Artist Richard Lico, as he talks about in-game animation workflow while he was at the Pixel Challenge. Richard is also an iAnmate Games instructor. He goes into some detail on what they used in Destiny.

Richard Lico – In games animation workflow from iAnimate on Vimeo.

Check out more of Richard’s work on his site.


This is my full interview with Zach Parrish. In this interview, Zach breaks down a series of shots from his time as Animation Supervisor on Wreck It Ralph. He also takes us through some of his blocking techniques, chats about his time with Glen Keane and some of his duties as a Animation Supervisor. Sorry for the occasional Audio overlap…unfortunately it’s due to the capture of it. Hope you all enjoy!

Animators Resource Full Interview – Zach Parrish from Animators Resource on Vimeo.

Check out more interviews at:
animatorsresource.blogspot interviews page

See Zach Parrish’s work:


Patrick Rig

Posted on July 24, 2013
Category: Andy Conroy, Appeal, Long Winter Studios, Patrick Rig, Rig
Long Winter Studios has released another rig, Patrick! I got a hold of him the other day and began animating immediately. If you have played around with Long Winters’ other rigs, Günter and Action Bot, then you know how fun and appealing these characters are. Again this rig is simple but allows you to get so much range to help in creating fun and appealing animation. The Facial setup is what you come to love in the other rigs and doesn’t disappoint!

Patrick Rig Demo from Long Winter Studios on Vimeo.

Patrick Stills Promo from Long Winter Studios on Vimeo.

Rig Details
Long Winter creates the base for its rigs with The Setup Machine. All Long Winter Studio characters come with the simplicity and dependability of The Setup Machine’s body rig.
Patrick has even MORE stuff than Gunter when it comes to face control.
The face rig is a unique setup by Long Winter Studios and contains all the features any animator needs to get the most for the time and their money. You can watch a demo of the face rig on the projects page.

Patrick’s features include:
-Advanced IK Spine
-Stretchy everything!
-Lip Seal
-Skull controls
-Simple fin controls
-Fin minors
-Eye scalers
-Fin scale
-Squash and stretch on all major facial features
-Eye lid minors
-Lip minors
-Brow minors 
-Visability switches 
-Tounge and teeth controls
-Tounge and teeth sliders
-Lip sliders
So head on over to Long Winter and Enjoy!
If you haven’t seen or heard about RGBnotes then you’re in for a treat. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Eriks Vitolins the creator of RGBnotes back at RnH Studios and he is multifaceted in both animation and tech. He was able to help develop tools for us animators over there and to this day I haven’t seen much better.  
Eriks has been on this venture now to create RGBnotes as a way for not only animators but artists from all areas, to be able to share work, get feedback and give feedback using some amazing tools to do so. After been given some access to the site and a demo, I really feel that animators and artists can use this as their go to set of tools for review and feedback. I see schools, professionals and studios hopping on board to help their artists easily create the best content possible with the set of Tools RGBnotes offers.
Check of some of the features and the Demo’s below and don’t forget to visit the links to keep up-to-date on the progress and news coming out of the site.

RGBsketch: Video Review and Annotation from RGBnotes on Vimeo.

RGBsketch: Quick Animation Demo from RGBnotes on Vimeo.

  • Powerful collaboration, animation & annotation tools for shared media.
  • Private and secure media storage to share your digital assets.
  • Simple Navigation to help organize and track communication and progress.

Full Description

We are artists, building tools for artists.

RGBnotes is aims to assist artists around the world to create, share and collaborate with the most powerful tools available.

RGBnotes is an web-based service where members can store and share visual media intended for review.  Currently we provide powerful annotation tool “RGBsketch” is used to streamline communication over high-res imagery and video.  We hope our tools enhance the creative process for collaborators near and far.

Our navigation provides a familiar “inbox-like” interface, but unlike email our content is centralized and shared with given permission.  We also have upcoming project-based tools for larger groups to share and communicate quickly & privately as a team.

Security and privacy are very important to us. We aim to provide security that can be trusted by studios, professionals, freelancers and students alike.  We take extensive measures to protect our members’ media.   All media access requires a login and specific permission.  All navigation is encrypted via SSL.  On top of that, all links to stored media are obscured and tucked away from prying eyes.

Links and Info

For further information, please contact Eriks Vitolins


Jeff Gabor just released a progression reel, from a shot he did on Ice Age: Continental Drift. It’s a great piece because it shows how a shot progresses from Storyboards to the Final Animation.

Ice Age:Continental Drift Progression Reel from jeff gabor on Vimeo.

Great stuff Jeff and thanks for sharing!

Tal Shwarzman has released another great little chat with some industry vets. This meeting these animators chat about the different Animation Styles throughout all of the different genres in the industry.


Contributors: Joe Bowers, Mike Safianoff, Mike Stern, Onur Yeldan

A great clip on the Progression of a small sequence in Monster’s U from Pixar. It’s always nice to see breakdowns.


found via CGmeetup

I had the pleasure of doing a podcast for iAnimate a little while back! We chatted about my time in film and the transition to now doing games. I had a blast with my time at the school and it was an amazing experience.

Check out all the great podcasts over there.
iAnimate Podcasts

Hope you Enjoy!

I’ve been following Rad’s couple of blogs for years now and have always been super impressed by his process. He is a great storyboard artist over at DreamWorks. One of my leads over at RnH had the opportunity to take a class from him and always had amazing stuff to say.

There is a great demo posted from him Free online.

Check out his Blog’s
 Rad How To
 Rad’s BLog

Also he has an online school:
Rad How To School


found via animopus

What a great little short from done by Paolo Cogliati over at Ringling.

Serial Taxi from Paolo Cogliati on Vimeo.

Check out more at the site.


**UPDATE** The video is currently down on LiveStream…will keep checking

iAnimate had a series of Master Classes at Quebec’s Pixel Challenge. 4 Instructors gave live lectures and in case you missed it you can watch the recording below.

A list of Presenters:

Brett Pascal (Lead Animator, iAnimate Instructor)
Richard Lico (Senior Art Lead, iAnimate Instructor)
Ted Ty (Disney 2D, DreamWorks 3D Animator, iAnimate  Instructor)
Cameron Fielding (Senior Animator, iAnimate Speaker)
– Richard Arroyo (Director/Head of Games,


Some really great stuff and you get to see the insight to some brilliance in animation.

Long time 2D Disney Animator Nik Ranieri posted an animation test of Ralph. “As a parting reminder of my last years at Disney, here is my last hand-drawn test for a Disney production. I was asked to animate the character of Ralph from “Wreck-it Ralph”, as a guide for the animation of the character in the film”


What a great analogy and that is why Ken is a great instructor. He always thinks about animation in every aspect of life. Here in his latest podcast, he likens the Eye attitude to an avocado…and shows off just how simple it is to convey different attitudes within the eye.

So head on over to his site SplatFrog if you havent already and soak up some animation goodness.
Great episode Ken!


Some great stuff from the students over at AM. It’s nice to see the new family of rigs in there too.



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