Hey everyone, this was just sent out in the latest Jason Ryan newsletter.This is what Jason had to say.   “New Awesome Walk Through Video   When I first started in Disney Animation Studios back in Dec 1995, I was really inspired to see legendary animators such as James Baxter, Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, and Eric Goldberg host a series of demos called Chalk Talks.  We would all cram into a theatre and the directing Animators would talk about how they approached animation.  This very event was the spark that lead me to record my own Tutorials back in ’07, Webinars in ’08,’09,’10 and now create the ianimate.net One of my Instructors for ianimate.net has recorded an awesome Body Mechanics Quicktime Video that is now available for purchase and download from http://jrawebinar.com workshops. When ever I start to show my work flow, I tell animators that my workflow is just one approach of many, it is so important to see and learn from as many professional animators as you can so that you can develop your own approach.

Mike Walling Videos
Mike Walling Body Mechanics

Mike is amazing at communicating very clearly how he approaches animation.  In his first Video he shows how he uses live action reference as inspiration for his planning and blocking stage.  In his second video he runs through how he polishes his shots into full feature level animation.  We are making these quicktime videos super affordable and downloadable so that anyone who is learning animation can avail of this resource.  Mike really enjoyed the process of making this video so much that he has already planned out his next video”

So check em out and enjoy! You can also check out Mike’s site

A co-worker sent this rigging reel on over from E Sousa Vincent and it is pretty great! You might have seen these characters in Meet Buck or Salesman Pete. Some great stuff there. This really shows you what can be done with rigs and how many tools us animators have to get the best possible performance out of the characters.

E Sousa Vincent – Rigging Showreel 2010 from Vinzou3d on Vimeo.


Ran across a great post about some lip sync stuff today over at the Animation with a Moustache Blog. Oliver Ladeuix takes a quick shot from the Toy Story 3 trailer and breaks down some of the shapes and movement in the mouth.

Great post! More to come on Lip Sync resources.

So if you haven’t heard about this yet here goes. There is a new online animation school set to debut in November called AnimSchool. The school will be run by the creator of 3D Appeal Blog and 3D Appeal Blog Now, David Gallagher. David has been over at BlueSky for quite some time doing Character Development, including rigging and animating. He is very well rounded in all of the different specialties of the animation process. You can check out some of his crits on the 3DAppealBlogNow. The school seems to have two set paths for training: 3D Character program that teaches modeling and rigging and  3D Animation that teaches animation. As I was writing this post I had many questions so I went directly to the source and David was kind enough to answer some great questions about the school. A main difference between this school and others is this will be teaching other aspects other than just animation. The mentors he speaks of will be from a multitude of great companies including BlueSky and Pixar.

 1. Will each student have the same teacher (say they took the 3D Animation course) the whole 21 months or do they have the opportunity to experience multiple teachers with each term?

David: Each term, the student chooses which teacher to learn from. The students will probably be learning from a different teacher each term.

2. I have heard that you are multi-talented as a Rigger and an Animator. Has this allowed you to be able to produce rigs that you know will help the animators achieve great shapes with and will you be teaching “Animator Friendly Rigging.”

David: I’m most definitely trying to teach “animator-friendly rigging”. I think any rigger or modeler who learns some animation will then become better at their craft, understanding the process of actually using the characters.

 3. Will Alumni still have access to the site/school and or Rigs, demos and lectures once they have completed the course? How does that work? How does that work for students just taking one course?

David: Graduates from an AnimSchool will have continued access to existing and future character rigs, as well as video lectures.

For the students taking a single class, they are able to use the rigs for six months after the class.

4. Is there some type of reel review for professionals that want to take a single course so you know what level they are at?

David: People wanting to take a particular course apply for it at the website, sending a link to their reel. That teacher determines whether they are ready for their class.

5. Besides this amazing new venture with AnimSchool, what have you been most proud of while working in the industry?

David: After working in this industry so long, you wouldn’t think it, but I still feel like I’m getting started. I’m madly passionate about animating and modeling and making cool facial expressions. I’m just thrilled to be able to have done some of the shots I animated. Then some facial expression modeling for pre-production development. I’m really inspired and excited about appealing expressions.

6. What inspired you to start up AnimSchool?

David: I wanted to teach the skills that I know well: animating, modeling, and rigging. And there wasn’t a place online where I could do that, so I decided to make AnimSchool, with the help of so many of my former colleagues.

7. Will you be attending CTN this year?

David: We are so busy working on AnimSchool that I won’t be there! But I will plan for next year.

8. How many rigs will there be for AnimSchool or will the one rig be customizable?

David: Right now there are two: the cute skeleton guy and the human guy you can see on 3DAppealBlog or on the AnimSchool splash page. We have plans for a female character as well. I love making characters, so there will probably be others.

There’s only so much you can do with those editable uber-rigs. I personally get more excited about really fine-tuned custom deformations that work well with the character’s natural shape.

and finally…

9. Will the rigs limits be more on an industry level or a student level?

David: The rigs are industry level. Certainly in terms of deformation and facials, since that was my specialty at Blue Sky for so long.

It sounds like an amazing opportunity and there are more answers to your questions found on his FAQ page here. Thanks again to David Gallagher for taking the time to answer some questions. Take a look around and check it out…check back in for updates.

Just a quick link here. You might know Jason Ryan’s site for his webinars and now for Ianimate, but he also offers some Story Board webinars by Robb Pratt. He is a story board artist over at Disney Toon Studios and has been in the industry for quite some time. It is set up like Jason’s and seems to make for a great time.

So head on over if it interests you. I believe he offers a free rampup so you can get an idea of it.

Hey everyone

Quick post about this blog. I first ran into a post on Spungella about wings on birds. Then I also ran into the blog again on Carlos Baena’s site. So I thought I would share because Brendan Body has a serious amount of great post on here. One I found on breathing I read twice!

So have a look around..really worth a look. Thanks for the posts guys!
Enjoy this great resource!

Hey Everybody

Haven’t done a highlight in a bit so wanted to point you to Jason Martinsen’s site. He’s worked at quite a few studios and has done some great work on films @ BlueSky, ILM, Double Negative and even Naughty Dog the great game studio that brought you Uncharted. Under his animation tab he has generously put together a Reference Comparison showing his refVid and the shots he used them on…Great Breakdown!!

All of his work you can frame through too they are in QuickTime…enjoy.


Hey Everyone

Just wanted to point out the Resources section on the 11second Club page. I ran into a post on Martin K’s animation blog about this page and all of the great stuff up there. I especially like the Helpful Hints and Winner Interview pages. There is quite a good list of hints going and also the interviews show great insight to how the winners approach their shots.

So if you haven’t already…check it out!!

Tracking Arcs in Animation

Posted on August 24, 2010
Category: Arcs, Flip, Tracking Arcs

Quick link to a great blog called Flip. One of the workflows down in the Concepts of The Day list on the side here has a link to this blog as well. Anyways he has a great post about Tracking Arcs….not just any arcs either. He compares how arcs are really choppy in lots of real life situations. Plenty of examples too.


The post is titled: Perfect Imperfection
Lots of other great posts so look around and enjoy

Just wanted to share a post Bobby “Boom” Beck wrote on his blog about the state of the animation industry. It’s a post about how some companies seem to be taking advantage of new talent coming out of school.

Check it out….it’s a good read.

If you haven’t heard by now…Jason Ryan has team up with Digicel and many of his co-workers at Dreamworks to create a new online school called ianimate.net – The Character Animation School. I have done multiple rounds of his webinars and they have been some of the best training tools I have used. He just had a free webinars that should answer most questions you have about the school and how it works. I think it’s going to be a great school for animators. Check out the webinar here.

The guys over at Speaking of Animation Blog are mentors as well.
So have a look around the site and enjoy!

Josh Burton: Morpheus Rig

Posted on August 13, 2010
Category: Josh Burton, Morpheus Rig, Squirrely Rig

If you haven’t had a chance to visit Josh Burton’s blog in a while then you haven’t seen all of the work he is doing in developing a new rig he calls Morpheus. He is in the process of making a new rig that will be for public use. He had been documenting his progress and has some clips up on his site to show off all of the techniques that he has been experimenting with. If you haven’t heard of him before he brought you the Squirrely Rig.

Check out his blog and follow the progress…looks like it’s gonna be a good one.

Just wanted to highlight a sweet page real quick. Jean-Denis has an Animation Feedback page linked from his blog Spungella, dedicated for showing his critiques to other workshopers. He lays out some of the feedback that he gives to the students in his workshops and it’s a great resource to check out and look around.

So head on over…check it out and maybe even sign up for a workshop.

I recently ran into this post on Spungella on Hand Reference. This brings up and great point about hand poses in animation. Lots of us don’t spend as much time on the hand poses as we should while we animate. I know as a student, there really was no emphasis on hand posing. So we would tend to leave them in pretty generic poses and of course deadlines looming had no real time at the end to add polish to them. Now working in feature films there is a real emphasis on hand posing and polishing your hands. It makes a real difference to take the time up front and while in blocking to really find good and appealing poses for your hands. You could even begin to think about what the hands are doing in your thumbnails. This will really save you time at the back end as well and help speed up things while polishing.

So I just wanted to post some links that I found and point you to the post on Spungella.

Rad How To Blog

Drawn in Black


Nick Bruno’s Blog

Ramblings Blog


There u go check out some hands and enjoy!

Storyboards and Thumbnails

Posted on July 17, 2010
Category: Christian Tria, Storyboards, Thumbnails

A co-worker just showed me this blog by Christian Tria. He has his old demo reel up there, which is all of his work from school but you can see that he is very talented in 2D. I don’t think that he updates it anymore but you can see his thumbnails and storyboards for his short film here. They really convey strong poses and emotions that are sure to ring well in animation.

Really great stuff. Check it out and enjoy!

Found this post on Jacob Gardners blog about an Acting Analysis that he did. He took a scene from Glengarry Glen Ross and broke down the clip he also has in the post. He does a great job of showing his perspective on and gives us some insight. It has some huge cast of great actors in Jack Lemmon, Al Pacino, and Ed Harris so always good acting skills there. It does haves a bit of swearing (adult language) in the clip…just a a forewarning.


So check it out and enjoy!

How Stop Motion Works

Posted on July 10, 2010
Category: Coraline, Jean-Denis Hass, Spungella, Stop Motion

Wow….found this on Spungella (Jean-Denis Hass). Shows a look into how stop motion was done on Coraline. Pretty sweet!!

funny animated gif


Slow Motion Dog Run

Posted on July 2, 2010
Category: Ani Ref, Slow Motion Dog Run, Vimeo

For all of you out there looking for quadraped ref, here is a dog running in slow motion. Found it on AniRef but you can also find it on Vimeo.

Dodger Slow Motion Running from D__E on Vimeo.

So Check it out and enjoy.

Hey Everyone

Found this gem on the net the other day. Can’t believe I have never seen it before but it seems to be created by Daniel Asher Harman. There is a ton of reference compiled on here and it looks like there is a good group of subscribers that contribute. Titled properly AniRef.

So check it out some ref, contribute some ref and enjoy!

I found this site a little while ago and have been keeping up with it for a few months now. There are some good scripts on here to help animators out and Jay Grenier is also an animator that does lots of rigging. One that might help is: A script that zeros out all keyable attributes. This may come in handy while in blocking and going from one pose to the next since it is a technique of some to zero out all keys when moving onto the next pose (in blocking) to help keep your curves clean and it can help with things like gimbal. Lots of studios have this script built in to their software and I know it comes in handy.

So check in from time to time because he updates regularly. There are some scripts for animators to help and some more advanced for others that like scripting. So look around and enjoy.


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