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Rhythm & Hues: A brief history of animal CGI

I feel proud to have had the privilege of being a part of this studio and some of their amazing work over the few years that I was there. I witnessed some of the tech and amazing art that was produced at Rhythm and Hues over this time. With all of the well-deserved recognition that they are getting from Life of Pi and The Huntsman in the VFX categories, I was lucky enough to see these projects coming together and we all felt like this was something special. This is a great video to show how their pipeline and production of some of this great work has developed over the years.

Congrats to all of my friends over there and good luck!

Animation Workflow: William Groebe of Tippett Studios shares Tips and Tricks for Animating Animals

A great little video about William Groebe‘s experience animating animals. He has been on the industry for quite some time and is a Animation Supervisor over at Tippett Studios. During part of his breakdown of all the variations and types of ways and styles to animate creatures and/or animals, I remembered my time at Rhythm and Hues. I would go from animating Carlos on Hop to realistic Penguins on Mr. Poppers Penguins and back and forth like that. I found that each film was challenging and allowed me to grow all the time as an animator. It’s like that at most VFX houses switching from one to another frequently so you really have to adapt quickly. We had a ton of real live footage like William talks about and get a chance to really study the moves of animals.

MasterClass – Animating Animals: Tips and Tricks to Animating Believable Animal Characters in a Live Action Feature by William G from CGMeetUp Team on Vimeo.


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Speaking of animals and creatures stayed tuned to a full review of the revamped and updated Rhinohouse

Getting a Visual Effects job - by Scott Squires

Getting a Visual Effects job – by Scott Squires

Having worked in the VFX Industry for almost 3yrs I have experienced many of the things in this article. As everyone’s journey is different and some things here could apply and could not, it is a great article to get a little bearing on many things that you might encounter in the VFX side of our industry.

So have a read and take what you can from it.

Getting a Visual Effects Job


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