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Game Animation Tips: Alex Lehmann

Over on the Artella blog, Art Director at Riot Games Alex Lehmann, chats about some useful tips from his time in games. I had the chance of meeting Alex during the Animation Bootcamp at GDC this year and he is super insightful and has a bunch of knowledge.

Rory Alderton – Animation for Blog Post from Artella on Vimeo.

Check out the blog post for more.



Tips: Rigging for Animators

One of my buddies recently put a post up about some of the things to consider when rigging a character. He writes about appeal in a character and how that translates to rigging. Great little nuggets in there. Having worked with him for a few years Andy was always able to push his characters the furthest to get the most appeal out of them. He always challenged me to do the same and I learned a ton in the process. Check out his reel and see some of what I mean.

Andrew Conroy Reel 2011 from Andrew Conroy on Vimeo.

So here is the post I was chatting about.
Rigging for Animators – Tips

Have a look around. Much more to come!

Blog Direction

Just wanted to inform everybody of the direction the blog.

1st is uploading all found content.

2nd is giving the blog a bit of a face lift.

Once these are done there will continue to be new content as it is found.
Postings will try to be as regular as possible and trying to retain to current animation content.

Also, feel free to leave comments with different links that maybe you found and you do not find on this site.

So now…just cruise around and enjoy animation!

1st Post!

The Animators Resource is a one stop blog, dedicated to putting together everything that we in the animation industry search, bookmark and research on the internet all of the time. You can now stop by here and hopefully visit some sites that you haven’t seen before. Bookmark this page and let it guide you to all of the top animation sites.