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Mike Walling Videos

Mike Walling: Body Mechanics

Hey everyone, this was just sent out in the latest Jason Ryan newsletter.This is what Jason had to say.   “New Awesome Walk Through Video   When I first started in Disney Animation Studios back in Dec 1995, I was really inspired to see legendary animators such as James Baxter, Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, and Eric Goldberg host a series of demos called Chalk Talks.  We would all cram into a theatre and the directing Animators would talk about how they approached animation.  This very event was the spark that lead me to record my own Tutorials back in ’07, Webinars in ’08,’09,’10 and now create the One of my Instructors for has recorded an awesome Body Mechanics Quicktime Video that is now available for purchase and download from workshops. When ever I start to show my work flow, I tell animators that my workflow is just one approach of many, it is so important to see and learn from as many professional animators as you can so that you can develop your own approach.

Mike Walling Videos
Mike Walling Body Mechanics

Mike is amazing at communicating very clearly how he approaches animation.  In his first Video he shows how he uses live action reference as inspiration for his planning and blocking stage.  In his second video he runs through how he polishes his shots into full feature level animation.  We are making these quicktime videos super affordable and downloadable so that anyone who is learning animation can avail of this resource.  Mike really enjoyed the process of making this video so much that he has already planned out his next video”

So check em out and enjoy! You can also check out Mike’s site

How to Modify Norman Rig: Modification Tutorials

How to Modify Norman Rig: Modification Tutorials

Hey Everyone

A good friend of mine pointed me to this blog coming to us from the Academy of Art University. It seems to be started as an Animation Forum for them. I know by now most us us have used or at least seen the Norman Rig (click for previous post on Norman Rig) that they released last year. It’s amazing and there is so many different variations of it. Did you ever wonder how??? Well there is some posts on the site that explain just that…how to modify the Norman Rig.

There is three parts:

Part 1 of the Norman Modification Workshop

Part 2 of the Norman Modification Workshop

Part 3 of the Norman Modification Workshop

These are some quick and easy ways to spice him up and doesn’t seem to be all that complicated for a great and different end result. Also check out the rest of the AAU Animation Forum for some good animation content.

Also Animation Buffet has a link to download Norman and shows some great ways to modify him.
Check it out here.


Animating a facial "TAKE"

Animating a facial “TAKE”

I ran into this post on Victor Navone’s site. I wanted to point this out because you see takes in almost any film out there. I think it is a very important part of acting and there are soooo many different kinds of takes. (Fast, slow, big, small, etc…) But check this out he does a great job of breaking down his process of a take that he did of Dash from the Incredibles. While you are there check out the rest of his tutorials and notes he really has some great ones.