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Getting a Visual Effects job - by Scott Squires

Getting a Visual Effects job – by Scott Squires

Having worked in the VFX Industry for almost 3yrs I have experienced many of the things in this article. As everyone’s journey is different and some things here could apply and could not, it is a great article to get a little bearing on many things that you might encounter in the VFX side of our industry.

So have a read and take what you can from it.

Getting a Visual Effects Job


found via SPUNGELLA

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Animation Workflow: Peter Nagy

Animation Workflow: Peter Nagy

Saw a great post over on Spungella, that shows good insight to Peter Nagy’s animation workflow. I think that it is always super important to see other animators workflows. You might not always get a ton out of it but if you just take one thing and try it or add it to your current workflow you might find that it adds to what you are already doing in a positive way. My workflow professionally has really changed over the past 2.5yrs working in the industry and I am still constantly tweaking it.

Animation Workflow

Have a look around and check it out over on to his blog and where he has most of his process.

Blog Highlight: Brendan Body

Blog Highlight: Brendan Body

Hey everyone

Quick post about this blog. I first ran into a post on Spungella about wings on birds. Then I also ran into the blog again on Carlos Baena’s site. So I thought I would share because Brendan Body has a serious amount of great post on here. One I found on breathing I read twice!

So have a look around..really worth a look. Thanks for the posts guys!
Enjoy this great resource!