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The Slow Mo Guys on Youtube

So there is a Youbtube channel called The Slow Mo Guys and lots of vids of them slowing down everything…in the front and backflip ones you really get a sense of the motion and how the sense of balance comes into play with doing a weight exercise. Maybe next time you use reference video a good idea might be to play it at half speed or even a quarter of the speed.


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Super Slow Motion Dog Reference

The video link seems to not work any more so I found some other links that might help


Hey Everyone
A co-worker sent this to me today. It’s pretty good super slow motion video reference of some dog motion. There is actually lots of this out on different varieties of character, be it humans or animals.

Saw this one on Today’s Big Thing, they always have cool stuff on this site.

I also found a good collection of them on Anything from slow motion slaps to sneezes.