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Drawing Demo: Rad Sechrist

Drawing Demo: Rad Sechrist

I’ve been following Rad’s couple of blogs for years now and have always been super impressed by his process. He is a great storyboard artist over at DreamWorks. One of my leads over at RnH had the opportunity to take a class from him and always had amazing stuff to say.

There is a great demo posted from him Free online.

Check out his Blog’s
 Rad How To
 Rad’s BLog

Also he has an online school:
Rad How To School


found via animopus

Hand Poses in Animation

Hand Poses in Animation

I recently ran into this post on Spungella on Hand Reference. This brings up and great point about hand poses in animation. Lots of us don’t spend as much time on the hand poses as we should while we animate. I know as a student, there really was no emphasis on hand posing. So we would tend to leave them in pretty generic poses and of course deadlines looming had no real time at the end to add polish to them. Now working in feature films there is a real emphasis on hand posing and polishing your hands. It makes a real difference to take the time up front and while in blocking to really find good and appealing poses for your hands. You could even begin to think about what the hands are doing in your thumbnails. This will really save you time at the back end as well and help speed up things while polishing.

So I just wanted to post some links that I found and point you to the post on Spungella.

Rad How To Blog

Drawn in Black


Nick Bruno’s Blog

Ramblings Blog


There u go check out some hands and enjoy!

New Blog Alert!

New Blog Alert!

Hey Everyone

There are so many blogs out there when it comes to animation and art in general. All the posts that I do here I really try to concentrate on just things specifically just for animators. You always here that life drawing is so very important to us animators and especially early on in our careers and in school. Very few of us realize what life drawing will do to help us as animators because we are learning the tools, principles and programs….usually all at the same time. But as I mentioned early about posing….this is really where all of it stems from. LIFE DRAWING.

I have looked at many art blogs and you can find a ton out there. This is why I have included some in the Blog roll because I feel that some exposure to them is great for animators. I mentioned in the last post about Rad Secrhist’s blog. He has gotten together with other artists like those over at Character Design Blog, and started a new site called The Art Center.

“The Art Center is a brand new place where Artists will share Ideas, Tips, and Tutorials. It will quickly grow both in content and artists from all the different art mediums. The Art Center will be a sister site to the Character Design blog…”

This site is a great resource to really study what goes into a pose and how these great artists study and breakdown the human form. When we as animators understand how poses are designed then it will only shine in our own work when we start to thumbnail our poses and then translate that into 3D.

There is so much good stuff on their individual sites that I can’t imagine this site being any different. So take a look and enjoy.


Follow up on Posing for Animation

Follow up on Posing for Animation

Soooo… just a quick follow up on the post that I did a while back on Posing for animation (click here). I saw this post on Rad Sechrists’ “Rad How To” blog. Rad is a storyboard artist at Dreamworks
Animation. He just posted on Shape Design which goes hand n hand with my points on Curve vs

Check out the rest of his Blog for other great posing and staging examples. He also has his blog, Rad’s Blog, where you can find examples of his work.