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Ted Ty – Genuine Acting

Another clip from the Pixel Challenge lectures, this time Dreamworks Animator and iAnimate Instructor Ted Ty chats about looks at different footage to really find emotion and the underlying context to help get into what the people or character is feeling and thinking.

Ted Ty – Genuine acting from iAnimate on Vimeo.

Ted is an amazing instructor and I had the privilege of watching some of his lectures at iAnimate..some really inspiring stuff!


Richard Lico | Games Animation Workflow

Have a look at some great stuff from Bungie‘s Lead Artist Richard Lico, as he talks about in-game animation workflow while he was at the Pixel Challenge. Richard is also an iAnmate Games instructor. He goes into some detail on what they used in Destiny.

Richard Lico – In games animation workflow from iAnimate on Vimeo.

Check out more of Richard’s work on his site.


Master Class: iAnimate at Pixel Challenge

Master Class: iAnimate at Pixel Challenge

**UPDATE** The video is currently down on LiveStream…will keep checking

iAnimate had a series of Master Classes at Quebec’s Pixel Challenge. 4 Instructors gave live lectures and in case you missed it you can watch the recording below.

A list of Presenters:

Brett Pascal (Lead Animator, iAnimate Instructor)
Richard Lico (Senior Art Lead, iAnimate Instructor)
Ted Ty (Disney 2D, DreamWorks 3D Animator, iAnimate  Instructor)
Cameron Fielding (Senior Animator, iAnimate Speaker)
– Richard Arroyo (Director/Head of Games,


Some really great stuff and you get to see the insight to some brilliance in animation.