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CGTarian Webinars: Day1 **Update*** #2

**Looks like some of the recordings are available and I added below..I’ll keep u updated**

Some really nice free recordings of live webinars that CGTarian hosted. You have three posted from Day 1. A couple of Workflow Breakdowns and one about Demo Reels. Some really good nuggets coming out of these.

Animation Reels Lecture – CGTarian Webinar 2015 – Part 1 from mike safianoff on Vimeo.
Part 1 (of 3) of a lecture covering what I feel makes a strong demo reel

1st Animation Addicts Podcast

1st Animation Addicts Podcast

Head on over to Tal Shwarzman‘s Blog, Animation Addicts. Tal is a Dreamworks animator and a Instructor. I have had the privilege of seeing lots of his lectures and critiques so I have been following the blog for a bit now. He just did the 1st podcast with some of his co-workers at DWA about Reference in Animation.

So head on over and check out the blog and podcast