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Animation Blocking Techniques Part 2

Hey Everyone

My bud Kevin Jackson, has posted another video again showing the blocking technique that you saw in his last video. He shows off and example from an 11second Club entry that he did using the Malcolm Rig and how he used the tool practically in a real shot. He also shows off some more of his favorite tools from MGtools.

Have a look at the vid on his youtube page


Free Rig: Malcolm Rig

Free Rig: Malcolm Rig

Some might know already and some have not yet heard but the Malcolm Rig is now FREE and available both in SoftImage and Maya. I’ve been messing around with it and MAN…I haven’t even had time to get into all the goodies of this rig. He is super appealing and I believe that’s what Dave Gallagher wanted. I’ve heard him say that it has been his passion and dream to release a free rig like this that has all of this AMAZING capabilities. So head on over to the AnimSchool site and you see the Malcolm Image or just click here. He has also put up a forums page where you can give feedback and receive tips on the rig and it’s already up and running. Also check out the “How To” video for Malcolm. It should explain most stuff. It’s in the forum section or over on YouTube.

Don’t forget to go to the Download Agreement and then you’ll be all set.
Enjoy! I certainly am!