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Ken fountain: Why animating “scenes” is good

Some more insightful thoughts about animation process from Ken Fountain. He talks about what he feels is important to animating multiple characters in a scene rather than the lonely one character shots.

Ken Fountain
“Handle multiple characters across multiple shots – “acting is reacting”.
You’ve produced plenty of single character test shots up to this point – enough lonely rigs spouting soliloquies in front of the camera for no particular reason. It’s now time to do what real film animators are tasked with every day: communicate relationships. The body language shared between your characters on screen is your most important tool in telling the story. It’s time to get that part of your tool set polished and ready for the big leagues.” Ken Fountain.
Also check out his AnimTips page for some great stuff including this on observing animation.

Wizards in my Machine

Ken Fountain and his studio Crackerbox just released a teaser for their latest project Wizards in my Machine. It looks like a ton of fun.

For those that haven’t seen it you can check out my interview with Ken on the interviews page of the site. He talks a little bit about Crackerbox and shows some workflow stuff from GeoMe.
You can see more of Ken on Splatfrog

More from Splatfrog: Ken Fountain talks about Eyes and Finger Tips

Ken is really rolling out the Podcasts…I can’t keep up! But he is giving up some amazing tips on things to think about while animating acting shots. This one below is about how you could use the eye movements as your guide to laying out emotion in your characters. Fun stuff!

The Eyes Have It! – Podcast #07 from Ken Fountain on Vimeo.

He also just released another on the importance of animating all the way to The Finger Tips! Great looking character.

Always inspiring stuff from Ken Fountain!

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This is my full interview with Ken Fountain where he talks about his animation workflow, current projects and more. Ken breaks down a shot from Monsters vs Aliens and takes us through a quick example of using smears. 

Hope you enjoy!
Check out more at:

See Ken Fountain’s work:

AnimatorsResource Interview – Ken Fountain and Animation Workflow

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ken Fountain for the blog a little while back and as I get prepared to release the full interview I wanted to share a little slice from it about Ken’s workflow and how he compares it to comic book panels.

AnimatorsResource – KenFountain Animation Workflow from Animators Resource on Vimeo.

It was a great time and thanks again to Ken for taking the time! Hope you all enjoy and stay tuned for the full interview! You can see the shot from Monsters vs Aliens on his reel.


for more about Ken Fountain, check out his site splatfrog

Avocados and Eyes: Ken Fountain Podcast

Avocados and Eyes: Ken Fountain Podcast

What a great analogy and that is why Ken is a great instructor. He always thinks about animation in every aspect of life. Here in his latest podcast, he likens the Eye attitude to an avocado…and shows off just how simple it is to convey different attitudes within the eye.

So head on over to his site SplatFrog if you havent already and soak up some animation goodness.
Great episode Ken!


More New Ken Fountain Video Lectures

Ken has been buys getting some more video lectures out! I did a post a while back on his Attitudes and Acting Beats a while back, and since then he has released two more. One on Vowels, Consonants & Character Shapes and his most recent looks like Breakdowns & Body Forces. Have a look at some teasers.

“Breakdowns & Body Forces” Teaser from Ken Fountain on Vimeo.

“Vowels, Consonants & Character Shapes” Teaser from Ken Fountain on Vimeo.

They are great and Ken is truly a great communicator when it comes to explaining process. Head on over to SplatFrog store and have a look around the store and his site. For only 10 BUCKS pretty great deal!


New Ken Fountain Video Lecture

Hey Everyone

Ken Fountain just released another Video Lecture or at the jrawebinar STORE.

Ken Fountain: “Attitudes and Acting Beats” (teaser) from Ken Fountain on Vimeo.

For those of you who purchased the last Video Tutorial by Ken, then you already know this is pretty much a no-brainer. This one isn’t quite as long so the price is only $10.99!
So head on over and check it out!

Enjoy…I know I will!

Amazing New Animation Tutorials

Ok…I’ve been holding off on this post till the both of them were released and today is the day! Both Ken Fountain and Jamaal Bradley released Video Tutorials found over in the STORE section of the jrawebinar site.
They are  both instructors and I had Ken for my first block of classes for Ianimate and it was a great experience. He is super insightful when it comes to acting and dialogue…he is an extremely talented animator and multi-talented in the arts. His lectures always made me think about my acting choices and pushed them to be the best. It doesn’t hurt that he has some improv acting in his background, so I have no doubt that these video tutorials are going to be great! I have also recently bought Jamaal’s tutorial and well worth the time and money. I never had him as an instructor but within Ianimate I was able to watch his lectures and critiques all the time. He definitely stood out to me right away with his passion for animation. He really pushed the animators to get the best possible work and was always super thorough and clear in his feedback. Watching his process of breaking down an acting shot, I found super detailed and informative and picked up some new tips of how to improve my own workflow. He is an industry vet that has always prided himself on doing great animation work and it shows!

“…from Planning to Polish…” Promo Trailer from Jamaal Bradley on Vimeo.
“…from Planning to Polish…” is a 3 hour,  3 part video that takes a shot from planning to final presentation.  Using 8 steps, the videos demonstrates one of the workflows I use when I am working.

So head on over and check them out!
Really Enjoy!