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New Ken Fountain Video Lecture

Hey Everyone

Ken Fountain just released another Video Lecture or at the jrawebinar STORE.

Ken Fountain: “Attitudes and Acting Beats” (teaser) from Ken Fountain on Vimeo.

For those of you who purchased the last Video Tutorial by Ken, then you already know this is pretty much a no-brainer. This one isn’t quite as long so the price is only $10.99!
So head on over and check it out!

Enjoy…I know I will!

Amazing New Animation Tutorials

Ok…I’ve been holding off on this post till the both of them were released and today is the day! Both Ken Fountain and Jamaal Bradley released Video Tutorials found over in the STORE section of the jrawebinar site.
They are  both instructors and I had Ken for my first block of classes for Ianimate and it was a great experience. He is super insightful when it comes to acting and dialogue…he is an extremely talented animator and multi-talented in the arts. His lectures always made me think about my acting choices and pushed them to be the best. It doesn’t hurt that he has some improv acting in his background, so I have no doubt that these video tutorials are going to be great! I have also recently bought Jamaal’s tutorial and well worth the time and money. I never had him as an instructor but within Ianimate I was able to watch his lectures and critiques all the time. He definitely stood out to me right away with his passion for animation. He really pushed the animators to get the best possible work and was always super thorough and clear in his feedback. Watching his process of breaking down an acting shot, I found super detailed and informative and picked up some new tips of how to improve my own workflow. He is an industry vet that has always prided himself on doing great animation work and it shows!

“…from Planning to Polish…” Promo Trailer from Jamaal Bradley on Vimeo.
“…from Planning to Polish…” is a 3 hour,  3 part video that takes a shot from planning to final presentation.  Using 8 steps, the videos demonstrates one of the workflows I use when I am working.

So head on over and check them out!
Really Enjoy!

How To Animate Quadrupeds: Jason Ryan

How To Animate Quadrupeds: Jason Ryan

Jason Ryan has just released a new 6 part series of downloadable webinars titled The Four Legged Series.

Jason Ryan:

“What I wanted to do in this series is cover how I approach animating four legged actions from concept to completion.  Just like my Tutorials at, I start from scratch and animate each action in 2D for every single frame.  So whether you are doing your shots in 2D, CG or Stop-Motion you will be able to follow along from the Blocking stage all the way through to adding overlap on tails and ears.  I want to keep the price really low so that everyone can afford them.  On Jasonryananimation each tutorial ranges from $40 to $100 each.  For this series I am giving you all six tutorials together in one download for just $39.99.”

I haven’t had a chance to look at these yet but I’ve seen how Jason approaches quadrupeds from a few earlier jrawebinars and it is truly an easy to grasp workflow.

Have a look! Great Price!


Jason Ryan Interview Coming Soon!

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Dreamworks Animation Supervisor and Creator of the new online character animation school, Jason Ryan. We covered new and upcoming things with Ianimate and asked a bit of how things are going. Of course I had to ask a bit about what keeps him going! So stay tuned it will be posted in video form here shortly. Until then have a look around his sites.


Mike Walling Videos

Mike Walling: Body Mechanics

Hey everyone, this was just sent out in the latest Jason Ryan newsletter.This is what Jason had to say.   “New Awesome Walk Through Video   When I first started in Disney Animation Studios back in Dec 1995, I was really inspired to see legendary animators such as James Baxter, Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, and Eric Goldberg host a series of demos called Chalk Talks.  We would all cram into a theatre and the directing Animators would talk about how they approached animation.  This very event was the spark that lead me to record my own Tutorials back in ’07, Webinars in ’08,’09,’10 and now create the One of my Instructors for has recorded an awesome Body Mechanics Quicktime Video that is now available for purchase and download from workshops. When ever I start to show my work flow, I tell animators that my workflow is just one approach of many, it is so important to see and learn from as many professional animators as you can so that you can develop your own approach.

Mike Walling Videos
Mike Walling Body Mechanics

Mike is amazing at communicating very clearly how he approaches animation.  In his first Video he shows how he uses live action reference as inspiration for his planning and blocking stage.  In his second video he runs through how he polishes his shots into full feature level animation.  We are making these quicktime videos super affordable and downloadable so that anyone who is learning animation can avail of this resource.  Mike really enjoyed the process of making this video so much that he has already planned out his next video”

So check em out and enjoy! You can also check out Mike’s site