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Animators Resource Interview – Darryl Purdy and David Hubert – Full Interview

Been a while for an interview and this one has been sitting in the queue for bit now. Sorry for the delay, but I am happy to share the latest interview I have up.

This is my full interview with Darryl Purdy and David Hubert, two veterans of the animation industry chat about the challenges in both film and games. Darryl then does a quick breakdown of how he approaches some of his creature animation. Sorry about the slight echo early on.

Thanks again to Darryl Purdy and David Hubert for a great interview and giving up their time to give back to the community!


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More from Splatfrog: Ken Fountain talks about Eyes and Finger Tips

Ken is really rolling out the Podcasts…I can’t keep up! But he is giving up some amazing tips on things to think about while animating acting shots. This one below is about how you could use the eye movements as your guide to laying out emotion in your characters. Fun stuff!

The Eyes Have It! – Podcast #07 from Ken Fountain on Vimeo.

He also just released another on the importance of animating all the way to The Finger Tips! Great looking character.

Always inspiring stuff from Ken Fountain!

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Ted Ty – Genuine Acting

Another clip from the Pixel Challenge lectures, this time Dreamworks Animator and iAnimate Instructor Ted Ty chats about looks at different footage to really find emotion and the underlying context to help get into what the people or character is feeling and thinking.

Ted Ty – Genuine acting from iAnimate on Vimeo.

Ted is an amazing instructor and I had the privilege of watching some of his lectures at iAnimate..some really inspiring stuff!


Master Class: iAnimate at Pixel Challenge

Master Class: iAnimate at Pixel Challenge

**UPDATE** The video is currently down on LiveStream…will keep checking

iAnimate had a series of Master Classes at Quebec’s Pixel Challenge. 4 Instructors gave live lectures and in case you missed it you can watch the recording below.

A list of Presenters:

Brett Pascal (Lead Animator, iAnimate Instructor)
Richard Lico (Senior Art Lead, iAnimate Instructor)
Ted Ty (Disney 2D, DreamWorks 3D Animator, iAnimate  Instructor)
Cameron Fielding (Senior Animator, iAnimate Speaker)
– Richard Arroyo (Director/Head of Games,


Some really great stuff and you get to see the insight to some brilliance in animation.

Mike Walling Videos

Mike Walling: Body Mechanics

Hey everyone, this was just sent out in the latest Jason Ryan newsletter.This is what Jason had to say.   “New Awesome Walk Through Video   When I first started in Disney Animation Studios back in Dec 1995, I was really inspired to see legendary animators such as James Baxter, Glen Keane, Andreas Deja, and Eric Goldberg host a series of demos called Chalk Talks.  We would all cram into a theatre and the directing Animators would talk about how they approached animation.  This very event was the spark that lead me to record my own Tutorials back in ’07, Webinars in ’08,’09,’10 and now create the One of my Instructors for has recorded an awesome Body Mechanics Quicktime Video that is now available for purchase and download from workshops. When ever I start to show my work flow, I tell animators that my workflow is just one approach of many, it is so important to see and learn from as many professional animators as you can so that you can develop your own approach.

Mike Walling Videos
Mike Walling Body Mechanics

Mike is amazing at communicating very clearly how he approaches animation.  In his first Video he shows how he uses live action reference as inspiration for his planning and blocking stage.  In his second video he runs through how he polishes his shots into full feature level animation.  We are making these quicktime videos super affordable and downloadable so that anyone who is learning animation can avail of this resource.  Mike really enjoyed the process of making this video so much that he has already planned out his next video”

So check em out and enjoy! You can also check out Mike’s site

Story Board Webinars

Story Board Webinars

Just a quick link here. You might know Jason Ryan’s site for his webinars and now for Ianimate, but he also offers some Story Board webinars by Robb Pratt. He is a story board artist over at Disney Toon Studios and has been in the industry for quite some time. It is set up like Jason’s and seems to make for a great time.

So head on over if it interests you. I believe he offers a free rampup so you can get an idea of it.
New Online Animation School:

New Online Animation School:

If you haven’t heard by now…Jason Ryan has team up with Digicel and many of his co-workers at Dreamworks to create a new online school called – The Character Animation School. I have done multiple rounds of his webinars and they have been some of the best training tools I have used. He just had a free webinars that should answer most questions you have about the school and how it works. I think it’s going to be a great school for animators. Check out the webinar here.

The guys over at Speaking of Animation Blog are mentors as well.
So have a look around the site and enjoy!