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Game Animation Test: Jonathan Cooper

Have you ever had to do a test for a studio? I’ve done a few and been on the receiving end of many at my time here at VV. I know that studios take some serious time and effort in putting together a test that will help gauge whether or not a potential candidate will be a good fit. (more on this in a future post)

It can be a fun and sometimes nerve racking experience for an animator but Jonathan Cooper an vet in the game industry has a great post where he lays out some of the do’s and don’t to follow while working on a test.

Take a look at his post over at his site GAME ANIM

Some really great insight

Animation and Game Development Reel: David Anthony Gibson

Sometimes it is hard to put all of what you accomplished on a game into words or thoughts never-mind trying to encompass it on a reel. I think David A. Gibson did a great job here in his reel for EVOVLE, showing the process and how much someone can work on and influence a game. You don’t see this as much when it comes to animating on a film.

David Gibson – Evolve Animation + Game Development Reel 2015 from David Gibson on Vimeo.


Richard Lico | Games Animation Workflow

Have a look at some great stuff from Bungie‘s Lead Artist Richard Lico, as he talks about in-game animation workflow while he was at the Pixel Challenge. Richard is also an iAnmate Games instructor. He goes into some detail on what they used in Destiny.

Richard Lico – In games animation workflow from iAnimate on Vimeo.

Check out more of Richard’s work on his site.


iAnimate Games Workshop

Well this news is just out…all following info from the Ianimate Newsletter!

“After all the hard work and popular demand, we are proud to announce our new iAnimate Games Workshop series that will begin in May 7th 2012.

Richard “Ric” Arroyo (Lead Animator) has designed the curriculum and has head hunted top professional animators from different gaming studios to be your Instructors.   They will share the knowledge, experience and techniques that they have used to create some of the most thrilling games. The primary goal of iAnimate games is to teach the principles of animation, but you will also learn the lingo, the process and workflow needed to work at a game-development studio.”

iAnimate Games workshop series from iAnimate on Vimeo.

“iAnimate Games will run parallel to the iAnimate Feature Workshops.  All iA-Game students will have full access to the iAnimate site including all rigs, lectures, demos, forums, software and discounts etc.

IAnimate Games has three Workshops in the series, starting with Workshop 1.  We will be adding the second Game Workshop in September and the third in January 2013.  You must go through these Workshops in sequence because of the specific game animation process. In order to qualify for iAnimate Games you must submit a reel with a good understanding of body mechanics.  David Hubert (iA instructor and Dreamworks Animator)  will review your reel and will email you with instructions on how to secure your place.  There is a very limited number of places available so if you’re ready, come and join us on this great adventure.”

Head on over to or on Vimeo and check out the new workshops!