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Game Animation Test: Jonathan Cooper

Have you ever had to do a test for a studio? I’ve done a few and been on the receiving end of many at my time here at VV. I know that studios take some serious time and effort in putting together a test that will help gauge whether or not a potential candidate will be a good fit. (more on this in a future post)

It can be a fun and sometimes nerve racking experience for an animator but Jonathan Cooper an vet in the game industry has a great post where he lays out some of the do’s and don’t to follow while working on a test.

Take a look at his post over at his site GAME ANIM

Some really great insight

Animation and Game Development Reel: David Anthony Gibson

Sometimes it is hard to put all of what you accomplished on a game into words or thoughts never-mind trying to encompass it on a reel. I think David A. Gibson did a great job here in his reel for EVOVLE, showing the process and how much someone can work on and influence a game. You don’t see this as much when it comes to animating on a film.

David Gibson – Evolve Animation + Game Development Reel 2015 from David Gibson on Vimeo.


Richard Lico | Games Animation Workflow

Have a look at some great stuff from Bungie‘s Lead Artist Richard Lico, as he talks about in-game animation workflow while he was at the Pixel Challenge. Richard is also an iAnmate Games instructor. He goes into some detail on what they used in Destiny.

Richard Lico – In games animation workflow from iAnimate on Vimeo.

Check out more of Richard’s work on his site.