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AnimSchool's Scout

AnimSchool’s Scout

Some images of AnimSchool‘s new character Scout. He looks great and adds a new level of creativity to the school. As always with Dave Gallagher, Scout looks really appealing and I know from interviewing that he always strives to hit the appeal bar.

A couple of quotes from the AnimSchool Blog:

“Appeal and hyper-expression are our driving passions and why people are drawn to AnimSchool,” founder Dave Gallagher said. The Scout character has been painstakingly developed to reach artfully designed poses, and allow for a myriad of variations in expression.
“That kind of quality and attention to detail are a part of everything we do at AnimSchool. It’s what sets us apart and gives our students the edge when it comes to appeal and entertainment.”

So much appeal when I first saw him I instantly started to think about Disney‘s Lady and the Tramp.

Thanks Dave!

Acting Notes: JP Sans nuggets on Character Performance

I believe this is the 2nd snippet from JP Sans(aka Juan Pablo Sans) over at the AnimSchool Blog. I watch it a couple of times because there are some great tips on really plusing up your characters performance. Lots of good details that you see from a polish pass. Of course it starts with good planning and blocking but this shows you some great insight to JP‘s thought process in the polish phase.