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Game Animation Test: Jonathan Cooper

Have you ever had to do a test for a studio? I’ve done a few and been on the receiving end of many at my time here at VV. I know that studios take some serious time and effort in putting together a test that will help gauge whether or not a potential candidate will be a good fit. (more on this in a future post)

It can be a fun and sometimes nerve racking experience for an animator but Jonathan Cooper an vet in the game industry has a great post where he lays out some of the do’s and don’t to follow while working on a test.

Take a look at his post over at his site GAME ANIM

Some really great insight


Animation Workflow: Phrasing

Just read up on a post over at the Animated Spirit blog all about Phrasing in animation. James Chiang does a great job of breaking down what makes Phrasing so important when planning your shots out. Not only is James able to communicate his thoughts on phrasing in animation in a way that seems effortless and easy to follow but he also shows off some great examples.

“Phrasing is the effort to present ideas through a series of movements. Well-planned and expertly-transitioned phrasing makes for animation that is both entertaining, beautiful and natural – you’re convinced of its believability while awed by its beauty.”
Head on over and give a once over. Maybe two or three times 🙂