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A Couple of Animation Workflow Videos

The 1st video is from Laurent Caneiro over at Dreamworks. He shows off his workflow comparison between his reference footage and shots.

This next video is by Disney animator Daniel Peixe. He goes through one of his shots on Frozen and his workflow how he quickly went about it in 2D and the comparison to what he ended up with in 3D.

ShotProgressionSven from Daniel Peixe on Vimeo.

Great stuff all the way around and some really fun insight to workflows!

The Slow Mo Guys on Youtube

So there is a Youbtube channel called The Slow Mo Guys and lots of vids of them slowing down everything…in the front and backflip ones you really get a sense of the motion and how the sense of balance comes into play with doing a weight exercise. Maybe next time you use reference video a good idea might be to play it at half speed or even a quarter of the speed.


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