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Riot Developer’s Blog: The Animation of Ivern

Great post over at the League of Legends Dev Blog about using animation to strengthen and define his character. In this post they talk about personality and run cycles, being limber and gameplay animation. Some great stuff about process and good insight.


Also check out more animations of Ivern by Warren Goff


Free Rig: Malcolm Rig

Free Rig: Malcolm Rig

Some might know already and some have not yet heard but the Malcolm Rig is now FREE and available both in SoftImage and Maya. I’ve been messing around with it and MAN…I haven’t even had time to get into all the goodies of this rig. He is super appealing and I believe that’s what Dave Gallagher wanted. I’ve heard him say that it has been his passion and dream to release a free rig like this that has all of this AMAZING capabilities. So head on over to the AnimSchool site and you see the Malcolm Image or just click here. He has also put up a forums page where you can give feedback and receive tips on the rig and it’s already up and running. Also check out the “How To” video for Malcolm. It should explain most stuff. It’s in the forum section or over on YouTube.

Don’t forget to go to the Download Agreement and then you’ll be all set.
Enjoy! I certainly am!

How to Modify Norman Rig: Modification Tutorials

How to Modify Norman Rig: Modification Tutorials

Hey Everyone

A good friend of mine pointed me to this blog coming to us from the Academy of Art University. It seems to be started as an Animation Forum for them. I know by now most us us have used or at least seen the Norman Rig (click for previous post on Norman Rig) that they released last year. It’s amazing and there is so many different variations of it. Did you ever wonder how??? Well there is some posts on the site that explain just that…how to modify the Norman Rig.

There is three parts:

Part 1 of the Norman Modification Workshop

Part 2 of the Norman Modification Workshop

Part 3 of the Norman Modification Workshop

These are some quick and easy ways to spice him up and doesn’t seem to be all that complicated for a great and different end result. Also check out the rest of the AAU Animation Forum for some good animation content.

Also Animation Buffet has a link to download Norman and shows some great ways to modify him.
Check it out here.