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Animators Resource Full Interview – Zach Parrish

This is my full interview with Zach Parrish. In this interview, Zach breaks down a series of shots from his time as Animation Supervisor on Wreck It Ralph. He also takes us through some of his blocking techniques, chats about his time with Glen Keane and some of his duties as a Animation Supervisor. Sorry for the occasional Audio overlap…unfortunately it’s due to the capture of it. Hope you all enjoy!

Animators Resource Full Interview – Zach Parrish from Animators Resource on Vimeo.

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Animators Resource Interview – Zach Parrish on Blocking Animation Workflow

Here is another clip from the interview I did with Disney Animation Supervisor, Zach Parrish. Here he is chatting a bit about his shots on Wreck It Ralph and some about his blocking process.

Animators Resource Interview – Zach Parrish on Blocking Animation Workflow from Animators Resource on Vimeo.

Stay tuned for more clips from the interview and the full interview will be posted soon.
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as mentioned Tween Machine

Animation Blocking Techniques Part 2

Hey Everyone

My bud Kevin Jackson, has posted another video again showing the blocking technique that you saw in his last video. He shows off and example from an 11second Club entry that he did using the Malcolm Rig and how he used the tool practically in a real shot. He also shows off some more of his favorite tools from MGtools.

Have a look at the vid on his youtube page


Animation Blocking Technique

I wanted to show everyone this video with a great technique to approach your blocking using a tool that has been created for MGTools with the help of Rhythm and Hues Animator Kevin Jackson. I have already had the privilege of using something similar from my time at R&H, so I know first hand what a great asset this can be to your process especially in terms of speed. Here is the vid.

Again a great tool that I hope you find as incredible as I have.
Thanks for making this one!

You can also check out the video here.