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Exclusive Coupon for Long Winter Rig Cody!

Exclusive Coupon for Long Winter Rig Cody!

Another exclusive coupon from Long Winter Studios today for the Cody Rig!

Head on over the site and grab him! $10 off all day! Check out the forums while you are over there and have a look at the goodies and WIPs! Great stuff!
code: animatorsresource8448


Will Rig from Long Winter Studios

Wow Long Winter is pumping out some great rigs! It’s hard for me to keep up! Head on over and check out their latest Will.

Will Character Demo from Long Winter Studios on Vimeo.

Haven’t had a chance to mess around with him yet but if he’s anything like the previous than I know it will be fun!


PS There is a great page on the site now where you can preview some up and coming stuff!
      Check it out here to see stuff like new concepts!intheworks/c1u0g

Animators Resource Interview – Andy Conroy – Full Interview

I always have a really great time with these interviews. Here is my full interview with Andy Conroy over at Long Winter Studios. Andy gives some fun insight to his thought process behind creating appealing rigs and animation. We also chat about some of his workflow and he follows that up with a really nice eye and brow demo!

Animators Resource Interview – Andy Conroy – Full Interview from Animators Resource on Vimeo.

Hope you all enjoy!

Animators Resource Interview – Andy Conroy – Polishing Brows and Eyes

This is a small snippet from my full interview with Andy Conroy where he uses Argus to gives us some tips on polishing your brows and eyes. Pay attention to how he uses the Mesh! Stay tuned for the full interview!

Animators Resource Interview – Andy Conroy – Polishing Brows and Eyes from Animators Resource on Vimeo.

Check out more at:

Long Winter Studios Releases Argus

Long Winter has released another rig to it’s collect, Argus! Seems like a great contrast to the rest of the cast and as always the Rig is high quality. I’m messing around with it now and well worth a look into it.

Argus from Long Winter Studios on Vimeo.

So head on over and check him out!

PS  Stay tuned for an interview I did with Long Winter Creator Andrew Conroy where he covers emotion in the brows and eyes with Argus.

Long Winter Studios: Crash Series Rigs

Long Winter Studios: Crash Series Rigs

Long Winter Studios has just released Crash, a news series of rigs. There is a wide range of super appealing characters!

From the site:
“These characters are solid. Bulletproof rigs with tons of functional appeal. They look great in every pose and have every rig feature you will want! These characters play back at real time and make an agile addition to your animation arsenal. They won’t be up forever so you better grab ’em now!”

Looks like they won’t be up forever so head on over and check them out!

Patrick Rig

Long Winter Studios has released another rig, Patrick! I got a hold of him the other day and began animating immediately. If you have played around with Long Winters’ other rigs, Günter and Action Bot, then you know how fun and appealing these characters are. Again this rig is simple but allows you to get so much range to help in creating fun and appealing animation. The Facial setup is what you come to love in the other rigs and doesn’t disappoint!

Patrick Rig Demo from Long Winter Studios on Vimeo.

Patrick Stills Promo from Long Winter Studios on Vimeo.

Rig Details
Long Winter creates the base for its rigs with The Setup Machine. All Long Winter Studio characters come with the simplicity and dependability of The Setup Machine’s body rig.
Patrick has even MORE stuff than Gunter when it comes to face control.
The face rig is a unique setup by Long Winter Studios and contains all the features any animator needs to get the most for the time and their money. You can watch a demo of the face rig on the projects page.

Patrick’s features include:
-Advanced IK Spine
-Stretchy everything!
-Lip Seal
-Skull controls
-Simple fin controls
-Fin minors
-Eye scalers
-Fin scale
-Squash and stretch on all major facial features
-Eye lid minors
-Lip minors
-Brow minors 
-Visability switches 
-Tounge and teeth controls
-Tounge and teeth sliders
-Lip sliders
So head on over to Long Winter and Enjoy!
More on Smear Frames with Andy Conroy

More on Smear Frames with Andy Conroy

Lead Animation Faculty over at AI of Salt Lake and Head of Long Winter Studios, Andy Conroy just released a tutorial over at Digital Tutors that is all about Smear Frames!

I learned a ton about Smears from Andy while we worked together and have been able to carry that with me through my career. I highly recommend you check it out even if you think you know a bunch alreay cause it’s always worth gaining some more knowledge.


The FishBoy Project

The FishBoy Project

Some of you might have seen a bit of this around the intranets and maybe when you visited his site recently from my post on “Tips: Rigging for Animators”. But Andy Conroy has ventured on a great project with a new rig that he will be releasing soon to the public totally free! It’s called FishBoy. He has passed it out a bit for some beta testing and I have been lucky enough to have gotten to play around with it and I really think he has a great character and rig here.

Students and teachers alike should really look into it because I feel it takes the traditional flour sac one step further and puts a real character on it. It could really bridge the gap between students going right from a flour sac to a full-blown character. It has all the the great squash and stretch of the flour sac but with an easy to control facial rig on it. Andy has really chosen to limit the amount of controls being used and maximizing the amount of appeal that you can get with this character. Really great shapes all over the place and the rig is super easy to use.

Andy has already put a quick little motion test up on the blog…click here. Also he has done a little Rig Demo over on his Vimeo Page. The Rig will be getting released in the next couple of weeks and I am looking forward to seeing it out there when people get a hold of it and see the same appeal I am seeing! There is another important aspect to The FishBoy Project as well when you visit the site you’ll read all about it…and here’s a little bit from his post about it

” In a few short weeks Fish Boy will be released from this site as a free download and for those downloading this rig I ask that you consider giving to Fish Boy’s Kiva account. (What is Kiva? It’s an awesome non-profit with a mission to connect people through lending to alleviate poverty. Leveraging the internet and a worldwide network of microfinance institutions, Kiva lets individuals lend as little as $25 to help create opportunity around the world. Read more about Kiva here.)

For some of us, working is about finding happiness and for some it’s just about feeding your family. If in a couple weeks you find yourself in the first catagory, consider helping out the second.

Love, Andy and Fish Boy”

So altogether it sounds like a great project and I’m excited for all of the possibilities. I will be sure to keep everyone posted on the release!