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Ted Ty – Genuine Acting

Another clip from the Pixel Challenge lectures, this time Dreamworks Animator and iAnimate Instructor Ted Ty chats about looks at different footage to really find emotion and the underlying context to help get into what the people or character is feeling and thinking.

Ted Ty – Genuine acting from iAnimate on Vimeo.

Ted is an amazing instructor and I had the privilege of watching some of his lectures at iAnimate..some really inspiring stuff!


A Note from Carlos Baena on Acting

A Note from Carlos Baena on Acting

Every now and then I think it’s great to revisit blogs or sites that I remember and read over old posts. With all of the information out there now it’s super hard to keep up with it. That is what I am here for! I read this post over a year or so ago and although I was still in school at the time it was a great post about “Timing and Acting” by Carlos Baena. I read it again and it has a whole new meaning. Carlos takes a clip from “Seinfeld” in which he breaks down his thought process as an animator as he watches the clip. Now it’s hard to put our own thought process into words so
when you have an animator of this caliber doing it so clearly, it can be a great learning tool. He also has another example from “Seinfeld” using Elaine and facial “Expressions” to help with acting. Carlos also breaks it down and gives us his insight.

There are many of these gems through his site so revisit if you haven’t been to his site already.