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Ted Ty – Genuine Acting

Another clip from the Pixel Challenge lectures, this time Dreamworks Animator and iAnimate Instructor Ted Ty chats about looks at different footage to really find emotion and the underlying context to help get into what the people or character is feeling and thinking.

Ted Ty – Genuine acting from iAnimate on Vimeo.

Ted is an amazing instructor and I had the privilege of watching some of his lectures at iAnimate..some really inspiring stuff!


The Josh Blog: Acting and Animation

The Josh Blog: Acting and Animation

Found this great post over at The Josh Blog about Animation and Acting. He talks about internalizing with the characters that he is animating and has a review about some acting DVD’s. He really goes into what bringing a lifeless character to life is all about. At first, as we are learning, we try to find the best poses to convey the acting and then try to layer in the little nuances that characters have in real life to give them that feeling that they are real. Josh talks about thinking further than just your poses.

Every body know about Jeff Gabor’s comparison reels from Horton and Ice Age. He shows a good look at trying to get into the character head.

Head on over to Josh’s Blog and check out the post on Acting and Animation…some great food for thought.

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