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Aaron Blaise: Animating a Jump

Lately Aaron has been doing some live streaming of his process. In this previously streamed video he did a jump with a polar bear. It is a great run through of his thoughts and process. If you get the chance follow him on facebook to get notices when he is live-streaming. I believe if you are subscribed to his youtube channel you will get an email update as well.

Have a look around.

Workflow Highlights: Matt Williames

Workflow Highlights: Matt Williames

Hey Everyone

I have seen this blog before and some of you I’m sure have seen his work on Youtube and Vimeo. Matt Williames has some great 2D animation throughout the web. You can also see lots on Pencil Test Depot.

Most recently I have been looking at his blog the Hand Drawn Nomad, where there are lots of posts dedicated to animation techniques and tricks. I found a few post on workflow from his site. Great stuff all around and I just thought I would share it.

Step 1: Planning Your Shot





Step 1 and a half: Before you rough out your shot (Tips and Tricks)




Post 2 and a half: Breaking it down


So check them out and enjoy