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Animation Tutorials and Webinars

Animation Tutorials and Webinars

It’s been about a year since I stumbled onto this site. I first began with some of his tutorials and then was introduced to his webinars. I began watching the way that he animates first in 2D in Flipbook and then brings that into Maya. For me it put alot of the animation principles into perspective in ways that I had not been looking at them before. These tutorials seem to help me realize the complexities of animation and how to break them down so that it is not just what I am focusing on but also to remember why I animate. Why do I spend all of this time consuming my life with all things animation? For the passion! While following Jason Ryan’s site it has brought with it… passion. I actually have fun learning new ways to animate and always trying to better my workflow. Of course everyone is going to have their own BUT, if you can learn something new it will only help your animation. So take a look check them out and maybe even try one out.

So enjoy your animating!

Valuable Critiques

Valuable Critiques

Sometimes it is hard to come by a person who will take the time to give solid feedback on work for various reasons: busy, not around and well busy.

Well I’m not sure if enough people actually visit the critiques on the 11sec Club. At the the end of each month when the winner is declared there is a critique given by an industry animator. I think these are a great source of learning first of all how to crit and also to observe and learn from fellow animator’s work. So visit, take a look, cause there are plenty to go around.


Planning is SOOOO important!

Planning is SOOOO important!

Hey everyone

I stumbled on this post from Carlos Baena’s site. It was from one of the shots that he did on The Incredibles. The one where he saves the “jumper” and crashes through the building leading to the supers getting sued. He shows the process of his planning for the shot from thumbnails to video ref. It is a great read and really inspirational.

Check it out:

Tips and Tricks > Planning Case Study: Incredibles


Blog Direction

Just wanted to inform everybody of the direction the blog.

1st is uploading all found content.

2nd is giving the blog a bit of a face lift.

Once these are done there will continue to be new content as it is found.
Postings will try to be as regular as possible and trying to retain to current animation content.

Also, feel free to leave comments with different links that maybe you found and you do not find on this site.

So now…just cruise around and enjoy animation!

1st Post!

The Animators Resource is a one stop blog, dedicated to putting together everything that we in the animation industry search, bookmark and research on the internet all of the time. You can now stop by here and hopefully visit some sites that you haven’t seen before. Bookmark this page and let it guide you to all of the top animation sites.