What started out as a collection of online bookmarks in college has grown to be a comprehensive library of animation treasures. AnimatorsResource was born out of the desperation of a young SCAD student. Working tirelessly to collect, study, and understand the work of those who went before him, John Paul Rhinemiller began building a stockpile of animation industry links, images, videos, and rich commentary that would one day align him – and inspire many others – with his dreams.

The goal of AnimatorsResource has always been to serve the animation community by providing quality information to guide the lost, encourage the disheartened, stir up the apathetic, and challenge the confident. In doing so, it would also inspire animators of all levels to keep pushing themselves to achieve what they thought wasn’t possible.

We welcome you to our collection. Have a look around and find something that catches your interest. Pursue something that helps you with your goals. Then, use it and share it with the people around you.


Who We Are

John Paul Rhinemiller, “JP” | Founder

With almost as much passion for animation as he has for the Red Sox, JP brings the heat when it comes to animation and team management. AnimatorsResource is his brainchild. He is currently an animation specialist at Vicarious Visions and leads a team of animators working on cinematics. You can find more of JP’s work at JPRAnimation.com.


AcAndrew Conroy | Character Animator

Andrew fell in love with character animation in college and followed that love back and forth across the country numerous times. After working on projects like Life of Pi, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and various other feature projects in film and VFX, Andrew dreamed up and launched Long Winter Studios. He’s passionate about animation and life, and hopes to bring that enthusiasm to AnimatorsResource. You can see more of Andrew’s work on Vimeo.