Thoughts on Animation: Breaking Down a Shot with Kevin Parry

I follow quite a few people of twitter and there are always really great snippets that I see and save or re-tweet but this one from Kevin Parry got me to really stop and think about my time in the industry and all of the struggles I go through as an animator and an artist. Each shot that comes our way presents new challenges to the notion of how good we are as artists. They continue to find new ways to make us think outside the “box” and push us to learn about our craft. Kevin captured some great insight and learnings from some of these challenges we all face on a shot he did while working on Boxtrolls.

Kevin Parry

I animated this Boxtrolls shot sometime in mid-to-late 2013, and was absolutely terrified. I remember thinking to myself, “There’s NO WAY I’ll ever be able to handle several puppets acting at once, or an action shot, or a monster. Why is this so DIFFICULT?”


Have a look around his twitter for some great stuff and click here for his entire post on it so you can read some more.