Rhythm & Hues: Life After Pi and Voodoo

Here is the documentary to Life After Pi. It shows what Rhythm & Hues had to go through during the time Life of Pi was getting an Oscar. I had the great pleasure of working there to start my career and continued for a few years, even while Life of Pi was in production. It was an amazing studio and as you can see from the video, the people were amazing and really cared about each other and the studio. A piece of me will always be there and I have created some amazing experiences and friends from my time there. So have a watch and be reminded of some of the great from the studio and also some of the troubling times for the VFX industry.

Also they posted a great video showing off their proprietary software Voodoo. MAN do I miss this pipeline and software. It was thee best tool-set I have had the pleasure of using yet and I miss it everyday. So much hard-work and talent went into it and it shows in their work over the last 25yrs.

Click on Image below.

Hope you all enjoy and spread the word!
Life After Pi is only a piece of the full feature length documentary that is to follow about the VFX Industry…you can follow the progress over at hollywoodendingmovie.com.