Patrick Rig

Long Winter Studios has released another rig, Patrick! I got a hold of him the other day and began animating immediately. If you have played around with Long Winters’ other rigs, Günter and Action Bot, then you know how fun and appealing these characters are. Again this rig is simple but allows you to get so much range to help in creating fun and appealing animation. The Facial setup is what you come to love in the other rigs and doesn’t disappoint!

Patrick Rig Demo from Long Winter Studios on Vimeo.

Patrick Stills Promo from Long Winter Studios on Vimeo.

Rig Details
Long Winter creates the base for its rigs with The Setup Machine. All Long Winter Studio characters come with the simplicity and dependability of The Setup Machine’s body rig.
Patrick has even MORE stuff than Gunter when it comes to face control.
The face rig is a unique setup by Long Winter Studios and contains all the features any animator needs to get the most for the time and their money. You can watch a demo of the face rig on the projects page.

Patrick’s features include:
-Advanced IK Spine
-Stretchy everything!
-Lip Seal
-Skull controls
-Simple fin controls
-Fin minors
-Eye scalers
-Fin scale
-Squash and stretch on all major facial features
-Eye lid minors
-Lip minors
-Brow minors 
-Visability switches 
-Tounge and teeth controls
-Tounge and teeth sliders
-Lip sliders
So head on over to Long Winter and Enjoy!